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Monday-Thursday sales

From Monday to Thursday

Minimum booking number:
60 Main (there is no discount for children in this number)
80 Additional room rental fee for the main (fully settled) number of people
one-time 300,000.-/occasion
Pre- and post-season: from January to April, from October to December

35,500.-/Person -20% = 28,400.-/Person /with unlimited drinks/
30,500.-/Person -20% = 24,400.-/Person /unlimited drinks without alcohol/
High season: from May to September

43,200.-/Person -20% = 34,560.-/Person /with unlimited drinks/
39,800.-/Person -20% = 31,840.-/Person /unlimited drink consumption without alcohol/
For more information and details, contact us by e-mail, phone, or request an offer on the site.

Phone: 06 20 5213250
Email address: |

The indicated prices are gross consumer prices and include VAT.

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